Monday, January 31, 2011

Ground Force - Resumed!

I have been meaning to update this recently, but decided to wait 'til after the end of last week when our internet was sorted.  We now have a working laptop (which knowing me will no longer be working by the time the month is out!) and a proper broadband connection.  It makes dealing with photos and blog updates so much easier!

So whats the story in Ballamory?  Well with temperatures being largely above 2 degrees Celsius, and even the sun shining on the odd occasion, I've ventured outside again.  By night I'm sorting the loft/storage area in the barn (which includes clearing our dead rats, most likely from 2008, nice!) and during the day I've managed to get cracking on the garden again.

The raised beds are now nearly completed up to the barn, although I'm still not 100% happy with it all, but it does mean everything is in its place and cut to size.  Visitors will be pleased to know that a new gate will be being installed shortly!

Anyway, last weeks progression went from this;

To this;
We got some fantastic new on Thursday when Alfie has hit latest check-up at Luton & Dunstable hospital and was discharged!  Tash had taken him on Tuesday to have his skin-prick test done which concluded he does have a reaction to egg, but should be fine with milk and wheat. We'll see, these tests are about as reliable as Michael Fish, but at least it is promising news - although we feel we have everything in hand anyway, and I was already under the impression that the quarterly check-ups were a waste of time.  I should be happy that Alfie has been discharged as it illustrates how much his skin/allergies have improved, but in truth all my joy is centred around the fact I will no longer have to waste hours of my life trying to fight for a boat sized car park space with which I can squeeze the Benz into!

Other than that, Alfie has been mostly stuffing his face.  Demolishing chinese at Aroma where he spent two hours stuffing sticky ribs into his face whilst flirting with the staff;
And sucking on smoothie whilst we were in Camden killing time as Tash had her tattoo finished;

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