Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bent signs for Villa - Alfie overjoyed!

After news emerged on Monday about Villa chasing Darren Bent, I kept a close eye on the Sky Sports transfer clockwatch to see if anything would appear.

Nothing happened on Monday, apart from numerous rumours and radio waves full of opinionated supporters (myself included).

Then yesterday lunch-time I catch word that a deal is nearly done.  Alfie and I sit down to a midday snack of beans on toast.  I finish substantially quicker than Alfie, him preferring to concentrate on guiding his little beany soldiers around their bready battleground.  And so I leave him to it, and take a peek at the web so see if there's any development.

It looks like a deal is done, Bent to be unveiled to the press that evening!  Result!  So I go to get Alfie's opinion on the transfer, and see if his excitement is as bubbling as mine is.  I think its fair to say I was happier about us signing a top quality striker than he was!  

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