Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

During the lead up to Christmas Tash was told of an event at Hyde Park called 'Winter Wonderland'.

With me in my usual overexcited and hyperactive pre-Christmas festive mood, I loved the idea of us all making the trip to London and making that festive feeling last a little longer.

We agreed to go on the 29th, and met my Mum and Ray down in London Town. After passing under the welcome arch we were greeted with a very German traditional market, which opened up into other food stalls, themed rides, and even an ice rink!

Thankfully the snow and ice had just about thawed, and with it being after Christmas day the crowd had died down a little.  It must have been crazy the week before, especially with the weather we were experiencing!

Best of all I got to take Alfie on a massive slide.  The ones where you sit on a mat, and fly over the bumps.  Before taking him on I asked the chap in the booth if they had any age or height restrictions ... to which I was pretty much told "no, you can do what you want!".  Gotta love the German attitude to health and safety!  Tash has taken a video of it, and I promise to download it, convert it, and rotate it [rolls eyes] and get it up here.  Mum had fits, and even I wondered if it might make his bottom lip wobble.  But he didn't even acknowledge the adrenaline rush we had just been on!  He also got to enjoy a slightly calmer ride, which he seemed to love too.  And then I went on a ride with my Mum, something I hadn't done for years and was absolutely hilarious!

Jamie Oliver's gang were in attendance, and we had some lovely food from their outlet - and then enjoyed a beer in the afternoon. 

And to round off Tash's day, she founds these funny Dutch apple donut things she had been hoping to find. MMMmmmmmm.

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