Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There is nothing better than being out on the sea and catching dinner, and I cannot wait till we can take Alfie on the boat and he can have his first play with a rod and line.  But I am desperately worried that when the time comes he won't enjoy it.  Not because he doesn't have sea legs, or 'cos he doesn't like killing fish, but because there will be so few fish in the sea to catch that the whole experience will bore him senseless.

I hope you saw Hugh's Fish Fight on Channel 4 last week, which highlighted how overfished certain species are, and how we need to change what we eat!  There are so many tasty alternatives to cod, and it is massively important that we reduce our demand on these fish.  It also covered the aspect of bycatch - whereby ridiculous quotas mean that perfectly good fish are caught and then thrown back into the sea, DEAD!  This is a ridiculous waste, and it is hugely important that we do all we can to enforce a change.

There was a huge amount more covered in the programmes, including frighening facts regarding Tuna fishing.  I won't go on and on about this, but if you missed it please check out 4OD and see what you missed.

The please click this link and join the petition.  And finally check out channel 4 where you can find alternatives to tempt you, and much more information about how to help species like cod, and increase demand on other fish.  You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook @hughsfishfight.

So next time you go shopping get onto your fishmonger/supermarket and ask for some of these lesser known fish.  Give Whiting, Dab or Mackerel a go this Friday!  We often have Mackerel from Abel & Cole, and they already sell Whiting, but i'm penning a letter to them now to ask them so stock the likes of Dab.

Don't sit there expecting everyone else to sort this problem, get off your arse and make a difference!

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