Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Radio Debut!

I started off this year wanting to achieve certain things.  Not pointless resolutions like most people - I want to be nicer to others, I want to lose 9 stone - get over yourselves!  No, I have a list of things like get the garden finished, sort the central heating out,  .... and get on the radio.

My urge came about towards the end of last year.  I found myself wanting to call 6-0-6 and voice my football opinions, and also Moyles was doing his Duck Register (where I would text in Alfie's name each morning trying to get it read out).

However, since I caught talkSPORT's commentary of the Chelse/Villa game I have found myself listening to them quite often.  I admit to liking the way they encourage listeners to call in, but then actually have a conversation with people as opposed to let you voice an opinion and cut you off, which is what oftens happens with 6-0-6 on 5Live.

And so yesterday afternoon the news breaks that Villa could be signing Darren Bent.  Now he's not my first choice, but he's just the sort of player we have been crying out for at Villa Park for years.  I listened as various presenters/callers had their opinions and decided to join in.  I was cut short however, as when I was queued up Alfie kicked off and I had to hang up.

I went out to the barn in the evening, and by now they had Collymore spouting on about how it was a desperately rash move, and a waste of cash - and lets be honest, he'd know all about Villa spending big money on strikers that fail to deliver the goods!  So i rang up, spoke to the same researcher from the afternoon, and was once more queued up.

Radio off, obviously, you can hear the chat in the studio down your phone (which is odd at first)- at which point Mark Saggers announces he wants to rush through 3 callers before the 8 o clock news.  Great, there was me with a list of points to make that was as long as Stan Collymores 'clubs played for' list and i'm now on a time restriction - and then they go straight to me!

I made a few points, told Stan why buying in January isn't necessarily a waste or a rash move (Ashley Young anyone?) ... and then got cut off as Saggers went to the next caller! lol

Don't worry, I've popped my radio cherry now, i'll be back!

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