Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Black Chook of The Brood

Playing catch-up here. Been back from Gib a number of weeks, and there's so many pictures i've not yet posted!

So lets start at the beginning ... we got back from Gib on the Monday morning and by the Monday afternoon we were down at Thornes Nursery.  We wanted our chooks to have a third member to the brood, and went on the look for a suitable candidate.  Wanting to only introduce one, instead of the recommended two chickens, we were advised of picking a big old girl to stand a chance of fighting for herself and having a chance of being accepted.  After a few days of letting chickens run mayham in the garden, and the new bird being firms told she is bottom of the pecking order, I am pleased to say she has been accepted and we haven't had to resort to introducing a forth bird to 'even up the teams'!

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