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I'm a little behind with my blogging at the moment.  We spent the week of 21st-28th March in Gib and it's taken me a while to catch up with everything.  And now the suns out, which pushes blogging further down the priority list.  So, to begin, Gib!

Did you see that programme a few months ago?  The 10 most dangerous airports I think it was called?  Gib was in that list.  A very short runway, coupled with the crazy airflows that come off the rock mean you NEVER get a nice landing!  Forecasts spoke of 30mph winds, and so as the pilot attempted his decent and the gusts had the plane going up and down like crazy I think we were all thinking 'his going to abort this and we'll land in Malaga' .... however this pilot had balls of steel, stuck with it, and somehow got the bird on the ground.  Big relief!  Not cause we landed safely, but so we could finally get Alfie off of the plane and to somewhere where he could cause terror!  We had woken him at 4am - he wanted revenge!

We've heard many a tale of the cheeky monkeys - sorry, apes - making there way down to Main Street and our first wander down to Uncle's revealed one enjoying the climbing frame the local builders had erected.

With the weather being very overcast and fairly glum, on Wednesday we made a trip across the border to La Linea.

Within minutes we were at Cafe Modello enjoying coffee and a treat.  I did ask to try Alfie's, but he didn't seem keen.

 This was the view back to Gib.  You can clearly see how the Levante cloud forms over the rock!

Lunch was Chinese.  I only wish the one next door to us was owned by such welcoming people, and served food which tasted so tasty!

And followed by a wander around Carrefour.

And whilst the Ladies went off and looked at clothes I was in full Homer mode down the ham isle ...

whilst Alfie was admiring the aceituna bar!

On Thursday we tried to take Alfie round to Catalan Bay.  Its a gorgeous beach, and we were so excited to see him paddle in the sea in his new jelly shoes.  We were blessed with the weather, but sadly this was the sight we were greeted with.

Bob The Builder and friends do not make for a child friendly environment, no matter how much CBeebies try and tell you otherwise.  To be fair, the sea didn't look great for fishing either.

Michi And Tash tried to explain to Alfie why the beach would have to wait until another day, and then we jumped back on the bus to head home.

We always stay at Tasha's Grandma's when we visit.  She lives in an apartment that has been in the family for years.  I love the layout of these, the way each property faces inwards.  It generates a proper little community.  Of course this comes with some expected drawbacks - beware where you hang your washing!

Alfie was taken on one of many walks around the block, waddling around the balcony like his Mother would have done all those years ago!  Of course, he couldn't resist the camera!

A few days later we made another trip into Spain, and after showing Alfie fish we got the chance to introduce him to sand between your toes!  In true small boy fashion he brought half the beach back with him and emptied most of it in Uncle's car!

As you can imagine, it hard work doing all that digging.  It even managed to tire Alfie out!

Saturday was a very relaxed day.  The weather was gorgeous and so we spent most of the afternoon indoors baking cupcakes!  Go figure!  Most notable photograph has to be this one - a Grandma's solution to her Grandsons ever dropping pyjama bottoms!  

On the Sunday Michi and I found 10 minutes to take Alfie the park.  This is set within the Alameda Gardens, which is where Tash and I got married, and is right behind where Tasha's Grandma lives.

In the evening I managed to go fishing.  I only had a couple of leads, but Michi and I wandered down to Rosia Bay to see if the Mackerel were biting.  You can fish off the back of one of the breaks here, but it leaves you fishing off the rocks.  I didn't take the camera with me, which is probably a good thing.  With one lead already gone, the second one soon got snagged up.  I tightened everything up and leaned into it in a hope to free the lead.  What actually happened was the knot pulled, I went flying backwards and for some reason launched my rod into the drink.  Cue Michi scrambling across the rocks to check I was OK and me scrambling across the rocks to try and rescue my rod before it disappeared to Davey Jones' locker!  Thankfully the rod was saved, but with no more leads it meant the fishing trip was over.  Still, at least we'd had a fish so weren't going home totally empty handed.  A fine end to a lovely week.

Apologies if details of some days seem light on content or photo's.  If ever you think "I wonder what else they did?", then the answer is "EAT!"

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