Friday, March 18, 2011

The Kiss Chase

As I've blogged before, once or twice a month Alfie and I get up at the sparrows fart to join Tash in her journey to work.  Not so we can load up electricals out of Comets back door, but so we can steal the Skoda and continue our journey down to gorgeous leafy Nettlebed (nr Henley) to see our friends Catherine and Chloe.

This is Chloe - I am including this photo just on the fact that it proves the girl does (occasionally) sit still!

Tuesday was one of those days, and although it means a 5am start for me its well worth it to see these two playing together.  They certainly looked pleased to see each other! 

Chloe and Alfie have always got on especially well, and it didn't take long for Alfie to feel at home.  Here he is testing out his latest Jedi learning's ..."this isn't the remote you're looking for!"

Playtime was soon underway and before you knew it this gorgeous detached Berkshire property had become their own little fun house.  We were just waiting for Pat Sharp to knock at the door!  Chloe was adamant that my camera was her prize, and she wanted photographic evidence of just how many toys can be moved in a 10 minute frenzy.  She pushed so hard on the clicker I'm surprised its not still reeling off photos now!

But it was a gorgeous day, and so we soon headed outside to see if a little fresh air couldn't persuade the two rug rats to rest their weary eyes. 

Alfie likes stones.

Chloe likes pots.

As always, they were very sweet together though.

I think its fair to say that Chloe has always done the chasing, and its not an uncommon sight to see my son trying to scramble away as a Chloe drags him around the floor by his trousers.  OK, so its not quite like that, but she certainly usually ends up in fits of laughter and sat atop Alfie as I imagine Tom Hanks must sit on his desert island in that film 'Cast Away' when he first gets washed ashore.  Don't get me wrong - he seems to love it though (most of the time).

Things were very different on Tuesday though - they were both full of running and ..... kissing.  And Alfie seemed quite happy to chase as much as he was chased.  And so I present to you a must hilarious video clip, starring two youngsters who may not quite have full control over their bodies but clearly do over their emotions.

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