Friday, March 04, 2011

The First Signs Of Spring?

Possibly ...

The sun has certainly been spotted today, and Harry took his first opportunity of the year to catch some rays.  It also have me perfect opportunity to grab a photo and update the header on the blog.  The snow pictures have had their time, don't ya think?

In other news, our accumulation of fruit continues to reach ridiculous levels.  Yesterday I was close to calling French government officials to ask how they manage their butter mountains and wine lakes ... but instead opted to squeeze some 20+ oranges, 3 blood oranges ad 2 grapefruit to product the perfect breakfast drink!

Now I just need to deal with the 20+ bananas!  (yes, we have a banana 'situation' again!)

Oh, and before I go I really should mention that on Tuesday I am off to London Town to meet the judges of The Great British Bake Off.  Tash stuck my name in the hat, and after a telephone conversation on Wednesday I got a call back yesterday to confirm they would like to meet me.  I need to take two samples of my baking, so I'd better find something nice to dazzle their tastebuds with!

I imagine that this weekend Fig Tree Cottage shall become FTCafe!

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