Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fillin' In The Gaps

I haven't updated for a few weeks, largely because I left the camera at a friends house and I hate bloggin' without some (at least semi-decent) photo's.  So here's a brief (photo heavy) summary of the past fortnight.

The friends we were visiting when I left the camera behind were Catherine and her darling daughter Chloe.

This is Chloe;

We had a lovely day catching up, visiting the park, and played with fridge magnets!

For Christmas 2009 Dawn got us a voucher for a free photoshoot, and free photo, with a professional photographer.  We finally got it all sorted and booked, and last Tuesday the time came to pull our best "cheeeeese" faces.

After the photo's were taken we were shown the price list.  And their was his first error, he really should have done that AFTER showing us the results of his hours work.  I'm grateful we get a free one, cos £300/£400/£500 for a photo is bloody ridiculous!

And onto Thursday, when Tash told me of some kiddies gardening group that had been set up.  On the promise of free cake we turned up and put in a hard shift building a storage box and planting some seeds. 

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