Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Fooling Around

Alfie has reached that stage that I have LONG been waiting for.  I know some dread it, but I honestly couldn't wait till he became a stumbling bumbling  mischievous toddler.

And I know he's been walking for a while now, and lets be honest all children are mischievou at that age, but I swear these tendancies have ramped up recently.  And after inviting me to play with his shape sorter last week we've spent more and more time just messing about together.  Largely 'cos he wants to, but also because I don't want to miss a thing ... this is a child who finds hilarity at spinning on the spot, struggling to keep control as the turns become wider and wider, and finally bumping into something at the edge of the room and collapsing on the deck.  These are moment I just MUST see!

Anyway, the back end of last week we had a blast together.  Its not often I just sit down and chill out.  Theres usually something else I would rather be doing, or some other job Tash has given me that has to be done, but by the time Thursday arrived I was shattered and sat on the sofa and just couldn't be bother to move.

Clearly Alfie saw me as a vulnerable toy, pole vaulted himself up onto the sofa and jumped all over me.  Quickly he realised I was wearing glasses.  This he considered to mean that Favourite Game #37 could begin - stealing glasses from Daddy's head (which usually involves him trying to fit them over his head, ending with them inserted simutaneously into an ear and his mouth, and eventually resulting in me needing to bend them back into shape).

So I took them off and moved them.  He didn't care, for he has spotted my mobile.  So I moved it.  And then back to the glasses.  And so on .  So there I was, laid on the sofa with one arm bent behind my head (concealing my glasses) and the other outstretched holding my phone.  He was in a great playful mood and I found it hilarious.  So I did something I must do more often - I clicked the phone into camera mode, pointed it roughly at us, and hoped to get a few decent shots.

And after Thursday came Friday.  We had been invited to Space2Play, an indoor play centre in Hitchin.  As a rule I DESPISE these places ... however it turned out that this was one large enough for adults to join in, and we were positively welcome to do so!  Seriously, by 'soft play' standards this place is massive!  It was great fun to scramble around an activity zone, with Alfie following me and laughing hysterically.  He especially seemed to love the spiral slide.  However judging by fact I left most of the skin from my arms down it, I would argue that perhaps that slide isn't quite man enough for adults.

Here's a couple of video's from the day, I was seriously impressed by what he could do and how much he wanted to do.  I'd argue he's been influenced a bit too much from his Godfather - what have you been teaching him Bill!?! 


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