Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On The First Day, He Baked!

I don't write too many recipes on the blog.  That isn't cos I want to keep them under my hat only to be passed down to family members when I'm on my death bed, its cos I'm bloody aweful at writing them down!  I often get an idea in my head, research similar recipes, write down my concocted recipe on some scrap of paper and then head to the kitchen to bake.  What happens next is I bake something tasty, and leave behind me a trail of destruction which includes said recipe.  If Tash then clears up, its anyones guess as to what'll happen to my scrap of paper.  I just never seem to have the inclination to write it down in my recipe book, instead believing that I will be able to go through an identical research process to reconstruct the recipe the next time I want it.  It will be interesting this winter when I need to try and do my Christmas pudding again, last years was awesome and i NEED to recreate it!

Anyway, something must have been in the water on Monday cos things were a little odd.  I fancied a day of baking and Alfie fancied a day of sleeping.  Very unusual, but a perfect match!  Its been wet recently which means you can pretty much listen to the courgettes growing!  They go absolutely batshit when the rain falls.  This is our plant, and it may not look like much, but after a nights rain it will have fruit the size of baseball bats on it!

And so I wanted to reduce our courgette numbers, and what better way than to bake a cake.  We had loads of lemons still kicking about, and so a Lemon Courgette cake was planned.  The house was also needing bread, and I fancied throwing the rest of my appropriate ingredients into some cookies.

With the bread dough made and set aside, courgettes were harvested, I stole an egg from the chooks and I set to work. 

Dead easy this.  Whack the oven to 160 and line your trusty loaf tin.  Get two bowls.  Into bowl one goes 200g grated courgettes, 150g caster sugar, uno egg, 125g veg oil.  Mix.  Into bowl two goes 200g plain flour, half tsp salt, half tsp bicarb, quarter tsp baking powder and a tsp cinnamon.  Mix.  Sift your dry ingredients from bowl two into your wet ingredients in bowl one.  Mix.  Stir in the zest from one grande lemon and throw it in the oven for 45 minutes.  Its done when a cake tester comes out clean.  Let it sit for a few minutes in the tin, and then turn it out into a wire rack.

With the cake baked I set to work on some cookies.  Kinda like a cross between choc chip and spicey raisin/oatmeal cookies, with a few other things thrown in lol.  Baked in several batches, I soon had a loaded wire rack!

Which was later joined by our weekly loaf.
And finally taken over by a small batch of baguettes.

This week has mostly been spent eating!

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