Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Easter Like It Used To Be

This year Easter was spent much like how it used to be ... Good Friday wandering around Wheels Day at Rushmoor Arena near Aldershot and the Saturday at Santa Pod for Easter Thunderball.  Back in the days when Tash was racing Easter was always spend this way, except we'd be at the Pod all weekend long!

This year we had arranged so my friends Lisa and Matt at Wheels Day.  I went to Uni with Lisa, and they live close to Aldershot so its an ideal time for us to catch up ... even though it had still been some four years since we last met up!  Their daughter Holly, who was a newborn back then, was now a full freckled young girl and now there was the new addition of Anna who was born just days apart from Esme!

Thankfully the weather held at Rushmoor and we had a lovely day together.  Alfie adores playing with older kids, and Holly was an absolute sweetheart with him offering to take him on rides and most importantly being prepared to run around like a lunatic for ages on end!  And here's the proof, video AND pictures!

 As always there were some lovely cars on show, and it was just nice to be able to meander around and let the cars provide the background as opposed to the focus of the day ... I guess that's what having kids does to you!?  There were still a number that stood out and really demanded your attention, one such being The Monkeys GTO (real or rep?).

I missed a perfect photo opportunity though.  I managed to photo this Joey Ramone tribute on the rear of someones yank, but it wasn't until about half an hour later I realised Alfie was wearing his Ramones T-shirt!  Would have been a cracking photo with him grinning 'chheeeeese' next to it!

Ammie joined us at FTC that evening so as to be able to join us for the trip to the Pod on Saturday.  The forecast was a bit suspect, but the Pod always seems to have its own little weather system and so we choose to take a gamble and have a nice day watching howling V8's!

Upon arrival (and being robbed of £25 per person!) we made our way to the bank to watch a little racing and enjoy some fish and chips!  They were much needed as there was a real chill on the bank - Alfie even willingly wore a hat!

Sadly all too soon the weather turned, and with light drizzle falling the action stopped and so we chose to wander down pit lane.

There were some awesome cars in attendance, and many that I couldn't wait to see turn a wheel in anger.

Sadly every time the track nearly dried the weather drizzled again.  The precipitation cleared the air, and by the time the track was ready to go again at about 3pm both Alfie and Esme were feeling cold and so we were forced to head for home.  A real shame, especially as I had been really excited about the day for a good number of weeks, but it just wasn't to work out for us.

Thankfully it worked out for our friend Andy Frost who's Pro Mod Vauxhall Victor was to become the fastest street legal car in Europe!  Just check the video!

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