Saturday, April 14, 2012

March 2012 at FTC

Its another one of those occasions when I'm so far behind with my blogging that its time for something of a picture dump and a catch-up!

This is largely caused due to Bill and I fishing on the 17th where I tried out the HD video setting on the 'point and click' Canon I had recenly purchased.  Now into April I still find myself trying to edit the numerous video clips!

March was the month Tash officially became unemployed, but it also meant it was another lovely month we could all spend together as a family.  Both she and Esme were discharged from hospital, with Tash being told her heart was fine amongst rumours spreading through Bedford hospital that Esme might now be in line for a role in the next Michelin advert!
The start of the month was nice and warm and I took the opportunity to get cracking with the garden.  It always seems to go that I spend March and April working in the garden, and then once everything is planted and summer arrives I just enjoy what we've got until the following March rolls round.

To be honest the raising of the beds in the garden would have been completed a while ago but for my drill going MIA at the Gathering in August.  Since using Bills cordless Bosch I knew I had to go cordless and treated myself to a new toy from DeWalt.

I set about cutting, drilling and nailing the scaffold boards in place alongside the path outside the barn.  Following that I sorted the placement of where the step was going to locate.

And of course Alfie was close by to lend a hand suring up the location of some crucial nails.

Over the next few weeks I laid countless kilos of concrete outside the barn to level off the path and raise the path to within a few inches of the step - giving me a suitable platform for the gravel.

I'm lacking photographic evidence, but the gravel is now down in place and it all works a treat!

Meanwhile, Alfie has enjoyed chasing chickens...

Harry has enjoyed laying in the sun ...

and with the chickens frequently enjoying freedom in the garden Harry has become best of friends with one of them.  Seriously, he even lets her peck at his back!

and when not cuddled up with a chook the poor dog had a two year old trying to show his love!

Come the end of the month I'd removed the old smashed caravan window, and had hoped to have a plastic replacement sorted by the end of that week.  Sadly I was quoted close on £100 and so thats on hold at the moment.  I either need a cheaper quote or else I'm going to get a sheet of 4mm plastic and do it myself.

Of course Esme is groing up fast, hitting 4 months old during March!  Her personality is really starting to shine now, and her face simply glows when she smiles.  Its wonderful to see her with Alfie too, its so clear to see how much the adore each other.  She simply can't take her eyes off him, and he loves to give her kisses and help where he can by replacing a dummy or giving her a 'ssshhhh ssshhhh sssshhh' when she's upset.

Oh yeah, and Sherlocks happy to be home and feeding well!

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