Friday, April 19, 2013

A Bit Like Weightwatchers

 I now feel sorry for fatties, not because they struggle to cut their toe nails or have to worry about what's living in their creases, but because having to live your life to a points system is bloody stressful!

Of course, I am referring to our NZ application here as Tash spoke with our Case Officer yesterday.  You need 140 points to get in - based on our EOI we had 140 points, but as of last week we were down to 120 points as the Case Officer queried a few things.  Tash has already sent sufficient documentation to satisfy the work experience query and so we are now on a tantalising 135 points.  These final 5 points are pretty much make or break, and they are going to be hard for us to bag.  Whilst Tash's job is definitely in shortage out there, and her degree does back it up, they don't consider it an equivalent to what they would want in NZ.  Basically its not techy enough.  We now have two options, one is that we get letters from the recruitment consultants Tash has been speaking with which says "the employers consider her job equivalent to NZ", or we see if they can put our application on hold until we fly out in September and Tash has a job offer.  With a job offer they'd pretty much book us our own private jet as our points would be so high.  However it would be much nicer to fly out there in September with our residency visas all sorted and agreed.  We have seven days to submit everything - just hoping we can scrape 5 points together!

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