Monday, April 08, 2013

Bike And Boats

On the weekend the weather threatened to be almost Spring-like, during the days anyhow.

So with the sun shining I gave the Ducati a once over a took her for a quick blast to blow the cobwebs away.  Oh how I love that bike, and the confidence the chassis delivers blows me away every time I ride it. 

Upon my return Tash and Esme were in the garden to meet me, and after she had a sit on the bike she had a sit on Alfie's old blue bike ... which now pretty much fits her!  We're gonna have two kids tearing about the pavement soon!

On Sunday I woke to a 4am alarm and temps of -2!  With numerous layers applied I hit the rode for Brightlingsea - the weathermen had promised a glorious day and we had fish to catch!

We hadn't quite expected such a foggy start though, and it made the first hour of chugging a bit of an event!  When you looked away from the sun you could barely see much more than 20-30ft!

But the sun burned through, and we had an amazing session out on Reel Grumpy.  I caught 2 cod and 2 whiting and Bill had 3 cod - including a new boat record 4lb9oz monster!  Here's a few pics, all the rest are here.


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