Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Four Seasons In One Day

A quick update.  Weather was a bit all over the place recently and we've settled into a bit of normality that doesn't involve spending all our cash on tourist stuff.

So when it hasn't been pissing down, blowing 150kph gales or tremoring in the middle of the night what have we done?

Well we scored Alfie a $3 trike, Tash got a new wrap (rented) for Olive from a sling meet and we're making the most of our library and have now seen Wreck It Ralph, Frankenweenie (or Frenken and the Weenie according to Alfie) and others many many many times.

We also took a wander up to the Weta Cave which is the 'museum' for Peter Jacksons workshop which has loads of props and stuff they've made from films Weta have been involved in ... which of course includes loads of Lord of the Rings stuff.  We still need to do the proper guided tour, but Tash got to meet a troll anyway.

Oh, and Olive has developed a total adoration for her siblings.  Esme and her are especially cute together.

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