Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our First Visitor!

Last weekend we had our first visitor since we have been in NZ when Rachel made the flight across from Sydney to spend the weekend with us.  I met her Friday night at about midnight.  It was so wierd being back at the airport where just a month ago we had arrived to start our new lives.  As I was sat in arrivals I could remember so clearly when we walked through, with me, Tash and Alfie all pushing baggage trolleys after such a mammoth journey.

It had been ages since we last saw Rach and so we pretty much spent the entire weekend taking in the culinary delights of Welly whilst catching up. 

We enjoyed three course breakfasts, the delights of Sweet Mothers Kitchen, Wellingtons harbour front food market, and so much more.  We also discovered cronuts, an amazing croissant doughnut creation. Filled with vanilla custard and coated in sugar and cinnamon they are simply amazing!!

We all ended up buying new shoes too.  Tash and I got a pair of Toms.  I think I first heard about them on Russell Howard's 'Good News' programme.  Basically, for every pair you buy they give a pair to a child in need of shoes.  It's nice that some companies want to do good things and im all for supporting them.  And wow, they are wonderfully comfy!!

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