Sunday, October 20, 2013

Living The Dream - Step 1

Ok, so the plan was never to come to NZ and basically live the same life we lived in the UK.  But having seen house prices, and especially as we love Wellington, the odds of us buying or building seemed farther away than I had originally hoped.

And then we went to the Go Green Expo last weekend (12th Oct) and happened to meet an eco architect who was brilliant. He totally got our idea, loved Tashas plan and inspiration and to top it all can help us find land.  He has actually bought land about an hour outside Wellington where he plans to build a straw bale house (likely to be the way we go too) really soon.

And so all of a sudden the dream seems a hell of a lot closer.  Hopefully we can buy land before too long.  Then we'll build a shack there and sort the land and basically go camping up there for weekends.  When we find we like being up there more than in the city thats the point we'll build and move out.  I cannot say how excited I am about getting this ball rolling. 

Also at the expo there were many bins.  Alfie was in refuse heaven.  And I found the organic box scheme company I had read about before we emigrated, and signed up to receive our first veggie box a few days later.  It was like Christmas when it got dropped off!

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Lois said...

What a fantastic idea to build an eco house! Hope you're able to gwet hold of a suitable plot before too long. Good luck!