Monday, September 02, 2013

4 - 3 - 2 - 1 Weeks To Go!!

I did honestly start this post four weeks ago.  It was meant to be a weekly update.  The fact I'm now finishing it four weeks later shows how ridiculously busy I've been of late!

Sunday (4th Aug), got my Grandads old pocket watch back from Seth who had repaired, serviced and cleaned it.  Looks amazing, I am so happy with it!  Just need a nice chain for it now.

On Thursday (7th Aug) we caught up with Abi, and her twins Zach and Sofia.  We went for a play over Rowney Warren and found the COOLEST Geocache!

Friday (8th Aug) was a date with Knebworth and the dinosaurs with Helen, Claudia and Amy.  Love that place, especially the drop slide ... which Alfie event went down.  On his own.  Which, according to the sign is strictly for kids aged 6 and up!

The following week was all Gathering prep.  We were down at Prescott on Wednesday 14th through to Monday 19th Aug.  The show went well, it killed me as ever, but the feedback has been awesome.  All of a sudden our little show isn't such a little show anymore and we have an awesome venue I hope we can call home for many many years.

That week of 19th-25th Aug was my post show recovery week.  I don't really remember what we got up to.  For me it was full of needles though.  Tuesday was my date with the Doc to get 'the snip' (which after a weekend of running yourself ragged, being given sedatives before the op had me on a wonderful fluffy cloud).

And then into Camden on Thursday (22nd Aug) for another day of ink to finish me off before we leave.  I had managed to get Tootall to stripe a 'Tattoo Removal' saw at the Gathering which I presented to Jeff before we set to work.  Photos are rubbish, but to untrained and unknowing eye everything looks complete now.

And we managed to squeeze in a final 'boys' fishing trip.  On Friday (23rd Aug) Alfie and I made an early start to Brightlingsea for a days worm drowning.  And that's literally all it was.  I cannot believe how rubbish we were, it was literally like someone had stolen all the fish from the sea.  Alfie was awesome all day though, I was amazed he wasn't bored out of his mind!

Last week was a crazy one, which included a trip to Tashas Mum on Weds (28th Aug) to make macarons in prep for the weekend, then a visit to Silverstone with Lewis and my Dad to see MotoGP practice on Friday (30th Aug).  We got in the stand at Becketts which was an awesome place to view, but a little breezy ... and so Tash and Alfie ended up with Tech 3 team tops to keep warm.  The noise and excitement of MotoGP was a little too much for Alfie and in the end he had to give in the to need for a little nap.

And then Claire and Jody's absolutely amazing wedding on Saturday.  Quite definitely the best wedding I've been to!  Massive congrats to you both, we all love you both so much!

Amongst all this I've been fighting the Benz.  A snapped front spring has wasted many hours, but now after buying replacement spring from America and driving to Daventry (from the wedding the wrong side of Bournemouth) to collect a set of coil spring compressors ... the third set I've tried on it!  Anyway, the Benz sold tonight on ebay and its a massive weight on my mind.  Now I can focus on packing our container Thurs/Fri and catching a flight in just 8 days!

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