Wednesday, September 18, 2013

There's A Tourist In Town pt1

This week, as the kids adjust to a new life and overcome the jet lag, we're sticking to the tourist stuff.

We bought our Snapper card.  This is an awesome little thing. You preload it with money and you can use it to pay for bus fare, parking, coffee and loads of other stuff.

We then visited the Te Papa national museum of New Zealand.  It contains the Colossal Squid that was caught in 2007. It's a great place,  and I can see us coming back here loads as the kids grow up.

Weather was hit and miss.  Tash had a meeting with a recruitment consultant and in the afternoon Esme and I went for a walk around Miramar, Seatoun and around Worser Bay.  We're really liking being on the east side of Welly.

Cable car from the centre of town up to Zealandia.  It's incredible to think this place its just minutes outside the very centre of a capital city.  It's a project to return the area to how it would have been pre-human.  This is another place we'll be coming back loads with the kids as they grow up!  We finished up the day with food at the Fishermans Table and an awesome bus ride home that went around the Miramar peninsula.

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