Monday, September 16, 2013

The First Weekend in Welly

So we touched down Thursday.

Friday we took a little wander about and found our local shops in Miramar.  Then caught the bus into Kilbirnie to sort out our bank cards.

Saturday we jumped onto a bus into central Wellington.  It's a great place full of amazing places to eat and drink as well as cool looking vintage stores.  Gumbo at Sweet Mothers Kitchen was everything we'd hoped!

Sunday was a bit gloomy to start so we walked up to the Roxy Cinema.  Enjoyed lunch at Coco, the cafe within, and sat in the comfort of the couches at the rear and laughed till our sides hurt at Despicable Me 2.

On the way home we wandered past an open house viewing which is up for auction in a few weeks.  It's all research at this stage but I was amazed at the amount of space you can get for your money!

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