Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There's A Tourist In Town pt2

Just a visit down the road to Kilbirnie to grab some groceries from Commonsense Organics.  Discovered Hey George, the most perfect lunch stop. Great coffees, wonderful kiwi pies, and super yummy cakes.  All well priced and homemade.

A trip to the City and Sea museum in central Welly.  Another great museum that we'll be visiting many more times over the years.  As someone who loves the sea it was great to learn about Wellingtons nautical history.  It's located in the old Bond House, and some rooms are still as the were when the building was used to store imported goods waiting for tax to be paid.  Also has an amazing map still hanging from the wall of the old meeting room.

A wet day.  Joined the library.  Had dinner at La Boca Loca, our local highly recommended Mexican and definitely the best food since we've arrived.  The food was just stunning, it's such a treat to have it on our doorstep.

For the second week running we found ourselves dropping in on a open house viewing. We like where we are, Miramar, and we like being this side of the centre.  I guess this properly signals the end of us being tourists and the beginning of us settling down and trying to make a life for ourselves in this amazing city.

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