Monday, November 04, 2013

Big Rocks and Tying Knots.

Tash and I got married in 2007.  Due to one thing and another Tash ended up buying her own wedding ring.  So it was on my mind to put a proper ring on her finger to celebrate the start of our lives together in New Zealand.

I kept some money aside, and a week after arriving she selected her chosen band.  A few weeks ago she got the call to say it was ready for collection and so we wandered down Cuba St and finally put a proper ring on her finger a few Saturdays ago.  Looks great, especially with a croinut in hand!

In other rock and knot news I took Alfie rock climbing on Sunday.  It was the first time he'd done it with ropes and a harness, and once he had himself sorted he was flying up and down the wall.  By the end of the short time we were there he'd made it right to the top!  It was great to see him problem solving and working out how to get higher.  And when he got down after reaching the top he exclaimed to me 'Yes! Daddy, I did it!!'.  I was so pleased for him I couldn't say no when he asked for an ice cream as we wandered home along the waterfront.

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