Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Alfie B!

Tuesday was Alfie's birthday.  With Tash at work we opted to do some cool stuff the weekend before, and had kinda purposely not visited Wellington zoo so that we'd have it as an option for this day.

Tash got to feed a giraffe so she was happy, Esme got to jump on a trampoline so she was happy, and Alfie got to see the monkeys so he was chuffed too.

We spent Sunday shopping. He needed a lunch box, Esme needed shoes, Tash needed a dining table, and (after all that) I needed a rest!

It's not often Alfie asks for much but he wanted this little wooden car to paint at the kids shop we go to.  So we got it for him for his birthday.  He was over the moon when he unwrapped it two days later, even more so than the totally awesome ballistic hot wheels thing Tash had bought.

So he spent his birthday morning (Tuesday 12 Nov) painting his car.  We hit 'Hey George' for his favourite pizza and chips on the way into town to visit Te Papa (the museum) where he and Esme played giant connect four.

After being out and about all day with the three I was wrecked by the time we met Tash for his birthday meal.  Clearly he was too as he was asleep before we got to dessert!!

Massive thanks to all the friends and family who sent him a message, he was very happy to reach four!

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