Thursday, November 21, 2013

Moving to Maupuia

Its crazy to think back at how far we've come in just ten weeks.  We came here having never visited with the aim of setting up life and pretty much 'starting over' in the 10 weeks we had during our rental at Bruges Ave.

We've done well; Wellington very quickly felt like home, Tash has found work (actually quicker than maybe we wanted), Alfie is at kindy, and on Monday we moved into our 'permanent' home.

Its a very dated property, but it ticks all the right boxes.  Plus the landlord is good and doesn't mind the kids being kids (because it's dated).  It was a leading contender just cos it has a big garage and it was cheap.  But that view had us right from the start.  We can just about see the end of the runway so get to watch the planes still, and I can even see Miramar wharf where I'll fish from.  I cannot wait to be able to pop out for a few hours fishing with Alfie!  Tash can even watch us from the deck!  There is even a veggie patch in the garden!

So last weekend we rented a van and moved our few things across.  Slowly this week our new stuff has started arriving.   The gorgeous mangowood and reclaimed teak table, our new new bed, and the kids new (to them) beds.

We're floating around in a mass of space and sleeping in sleeping bags at the moment.  But its OK, the boat got in this week and so I'll have my Ducati soon!

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