Friday, November 01, 2013

Walk for Your Food!

One of the places we really looked forward to visiting in Miramar was the Chocolate Fish Cafe.  It has a great reputation, but is the other side of the peninsula and no bus goes round that way.

So last Monday (28th Oct) was labour day over here and so with Tash already enjoying a day off work we decided to tackle the walk across to it. 

It was a true adventure, we had to treck up and over the peninsula and deal with all manner of obstacles.  The recent weather had left the track slippery, and even thrown a few fallen trees in our way.

It was a total blast though, maybe took us 90 minutes to walk to, and Esme was an absolute trooper and walked the whole way!  The views across the bay were simply stunning too!

When we got there we got lucky and landed a table and were then treated to the most tasty lunch!  Outside is nice and open and there are loads of little bikes and trikes to play on.  It was chaos inside and out but truly brilliant and an amazing vibe to it.

We knew there was no way we could trek back over and so we walked around the bay to get home.  Around the bay are loads of little secluded beach areas.  Great to fish from and look just perfect for a family BBQ.  In the wander home we passed a family who were doing just that, you might even be able to see them in one of the photos.

The rain held off and was just quite simply a perfect day.  One where you really appreciate whats around you and feel so lucky to be here!

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