Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Prep, Kiwi Style

We're a little late with the Christmas prep this year.  A lack of car and an overload of boxes is our excuse!

But last Thursday (Dec12) was day two of car ownership (more to come on that one) and so with Alfie at school me and the girls ventured over to The Warehouse to grab a last minute bargain.

We've always been a family which insisted on a real tree,  but seeing as how late we were, plus the fact it kinda felt like a fake Christmas, I opted to max out the fake.  So our free is not only plastic, but also white!

I grabbed Alfie from school (he has flexible hours which is great!) and we set about decorating our new tree with bargain sacrificial decs.  The whole lot cost less than $80, lights included.

What you see now is a tree missing about a third of its decs lol.  Come xmas eve I'll redecorate and add the candy canes and tree chocs. Oh yeah!

Then on Monday I took Alfie to a Christmas story time at the library. It was after dinner, and so everyone was invited to wear pyjamas.  It was a fantastic, the kiwi 12 days of Christmas is hilarious.

And after stories and songs all the kids mad a decoration for their tree.

And so with a lovely evening behind us, and now feeling very festive, we went to the Roxy for a choc dipped ice cream, followed by a Christmas shop at the supermarket.  

I actually cannot wait!  Largely cos I'm making Jamies Christmas Bombe for dessert!

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