Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Freedom of New Zealand

So after just over three months of public transport last week we finally acquired our wheels.

Never have I felt so elated to have a vehicle!  The public transport here is very good, and we'd managed fine walking and on the buses, but there were becoming more and more times when a car would make things easier or possible.

Alan, who helped me collect the race car and Ducati, said he had a Toyota Ipsum for sale when we were en route home last week.  Turns out it was just about the smallest seven seater available and for $2k with 200k clicks on the odometer it was kinda just what we needed.

The first day of driving was more of an occasion than when I got my first set of wheels aged 17.  The sense of freedom was almost overwhelming.

And this was multiplied when the bike passed its entry examination, WoF test and brake test and was fully registered on Saturday. 

If having a car gave me a sense of freedom then riding a bike was pure elation.  Nothing beats having these roads to yourself!

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