Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Post of Christmas Past

First day of 2014 so a good time for a catchup and bring this here blog up to date.  Three posts, pre Christmas, Christmas, and post Christmas.

So, pre Christmas.  We had Tashas work Christmas do which gave us a very rare night without kids and also a chance to dress up all 'Gatsby'.

I got tattooed by Craigy Lee, my Do EveRYthiNg tattoo.  Something for Deryn, and a nice constant reminder not to wish my life away.

We took the kids to see Santa.  Alfie only just about saw him though, such was his shelter from around the corner of the grotto!

With Christmas in the sunshine not quite seeming real we bought a very fake white Christmas tree.  Although its really grown on me and now seems kinda appropriate.

I took Alfie for a Christmas story/pyjama party at the library where he made a decoration for our tree. 

And we spent a few meal times down by the beach, just enjoying life and what we now have on our doorstep.

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