Sunday, January 05, 2014

Learning Our Local Coastline

A very marine and acquatic based weekend for us, especially Alfie and I.

Yesterday,  Saturday 4th, everything married up for perfect conditions.  Apart from my alarm didn't go off.  Still, we awoke at 6am and were fishing by 6:30am. I hated where we were though and we didn't catch.

So we went back out for the evening high tide. With the wind getting up we found a sheltered spot, and before admitting defeat to the wind, rain and rocks we caught our first Kiwi fish! A little spotty. We also had three starfish on one flasher rig retrieval - Alfie thought it was brilliant!

And so onto today,  Sunday 5th January.  Tash learnt that the Island Bay Marine Reserve was open and so with the kids bouncing off the walls we went there to touch starfish, learn about the local marine life, and watch the octopus get fed. Its a brilliant place and the kids were fascinated!

This evenings fishing session was largely spent trying to escape the wind.  We ended at Breaker Bay, and although I have now learnt its a real rocky area and had situated ourselves badly, we did at least have a gorgeous backdrop and Alfie just loves being out and about, playing on the beach escaping and hunting dinosaurs.

I can just about manage blanking when the view is that gorgeous, and my boys having fun.

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