Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Post of Christmas Future

Since Christmas our life has very much been a perfect example of how I hope our short term life out in NZ will play out.

The other day we made a day trip out to Wairapa, an area just over the mountain range. Its wine country, check your next bottle of Kiwi plonk and there's a fair chance it will have come from that region.  It's also an area that we're considering for when we buy land and somewhere Tash really wanted to check out.

Our day out was a exactly how I saw us having day trips in NZ.  Drove for a while, stumbled across a beautiful rest point which was unsigned and alone for us, had a BBQ, and just enjoyed the life and country in front of us.  Complimented perfectly by the wine tasting at the Pallister vineyard on our way home. 

And then yesterday, New Years Eve, was how I could happily spend every day at home in Wellington.  The morning was spent making further progress with the veggie patch, and the afternoon tucked into a little bay doing a spot of fishing.

I may have been in bed by 10:30pm, but I was tired and wanted to be fresh for the first day of our first full year down under.

To me its just another day.  But to those who care, Happy New Year!

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