Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Getting Out And About

A huge part of coming here was the outdoors lifestyle and being able to have so much seaside at our doorstep.

But its easy to dream such things, and another to live it.  I'm all too aware of that, and very conscious of how easy it is with three small kids to choose to do nothing and spend your day indoors cos it seems easier.

With summer in full swing I am determined not to let these nice days past by unused.  No matter how much like hard work it seems to shepherd three angry little monsters into our car I AM going to do it.

And so on Monday we took Alfie's bike and Esme's scooter down to the seafront for a ride.  On Tuesday Esme, Olive and I spent a few hours at the zoo and bought a year pass so me and the kids can go whenever we want, and then yesterday we went for a pre shopping paddle and chased some waves. 

Just being able to enjoy these things for a few hours is wonderful, and getting out the house is always preferable to staying in.  No matter how hard it seems when you first utter the sentence 'barefoot or shoes?'

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