Monday, January 06, 2014

The Perfect Brew

As I've said before, the coffee out here is immense.  Absolutely amazing.  Like nothing else.

Obviously coffee shop coffee is based on espresso, something impossible to replicate at home unless you spend $1000 on a machine and master the art of stretching milk.  This also makes your home brewed coffee taste worse and worse as expectations get higher and higher.

So I decided to ditch my crude plunger and research the perfect way to soft brew coffee.  Much reading and many YouTube videos later I was returning home from People's Coffee with a hand held grinder, fresh beans and a Chemex coffee maker and filters.

People's Coffee actually sell coffee brewed this way so I had chance to taste before I bought.  And I am SO impressed.  It has saved me from becoming a tea drinker!

And I'm totally addicted to the 'occasion' of weighing and grinding beans, folding the filter, washing the paper, and measuring and pouring the water. 

So if you like coffee sack off your Cafetiere and get yourselves a Chemex!

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