Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Post of Christmas Present

Our first Kiwi Christmas.  By the time it rolled around I was well in the festive spirit.

Christmas Eve was spent messing about with the kids, Tash got off work early so we went to Chocolate Fish Cafe, and the evening was spent watching the likes of Home Alone and redecorating the tree.  I had given up replacing decorations removed/broken by the kids.

Christmas day was mayhem in the morning, a meal where Jamie's Christmas Bombe was a definite highlight, and an afternoon sat in the kids new paddling pool in my pants drinking beer. 

Boxing Day was a trip out to Wanganui for the road races at the Cemetery Circuit.  We had the most amazing day, and its an amazing event.  Next year we will definitely spend Christmas day having a BBQ and Boxing Day will be spent at the Cemetery Circuit enjoying leftovers and beer with bikes racing past just inches from my face!

On things for sure, Christmases out here are choice!

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