Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All That ... For A Box!?!

As always, weeks behind with this.

Anyway, when we were living at Bruges Ave we often passed a house with a bunch of guys out the front on makeshift seats drinking beer off an old crate.  It was perfectly Kiwi.

So when we moved here and was presented a deck with no furniture and a load of old wood that needed using/removing I knew I had to make a seat-cum-table (aka a box) for my very self.

And so after what seemed like endless evenings (free time in an evening is often only about an hour at the moment) of measuring, cutting, screwing, sanding, painting and varnishing its done.  And its just what I wanted.  Nothing more than a box really.  But it means I have a table for my beer when the beanbags are out and a seat for my morning coffee.  Perfect.

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