Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dream Garage

With the house full of boxes everything moved extremely fast and before I knew it I was due to collect the bike and racecar in Friday (December 6).

I had seen a tow truck opposite Alfie's school a number of times and when I spotted he had a custom ute with a V8 under the hood on a nice set of Cragars I figured he could be just the chap for the job of moving them.

A phone call was made, Tash got Friday off work, I spent Thursday night sorting the garage so everything could fit and before I knew it it was 1pm and I was hopping up into his truck.

His name's Alan.  Alan is awesome.  He helped me load the racecar, and having decided it would be better to make two trips offered to collect and deliver the bike on his own on Monday.  A wing mirror had been broken off the Ducati, but stopped at a bike shop to see if I could get a replacement bolt.

On the journey back we made phone calls to try and book it in for its assessment, and by the time we'd got back a plan was already in place for him to collect the bike again on Thursday and drop it off at the vtnz for its assessment.  I should then be able to ride it home. Happy Days!!

Until he collects it (tomorrow) I have what pretty much looks like my dream garage!

I was worried the two vehicles would fill the garage but there is loads of space.  Once the salvation army take a load of stuff out of it too it will be awesome.  Compressor is already connected, it should be an awesome place to tinker.

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