Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Family Footy

Lots to catch up with at the moment!  Sundays ago (December 1) we had box seats for the Wellington Phoenix. 

The company Tash is contracting at have a box there as they are a sponsor,  and this game was chosen as their family day.

We'd spent the morning buying plants and seeds for our deck and veggie patch, enjoyed a beer on said deck, and to finish the day at the football was perfect.

They had entertainers for the kids, face painters, lovely food, and of course a free bar.  Even the team mascots came from that room!

As for the football, it was rubbish, and a very boring 0-0 was played out before us.   Both Alfie and Esme loved it though.

Tash has a new contract with a different company starting in January, I just hope they aren't a bunch of rugby freaks!

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