Saturday, September 15, 2012

And If You Can't Go For A Run?

Last Saturday (8th) we got a surprise family night away down south.  Tash had booked a hotel in Cobham some months ago but it was expected to be used for pre-race prep for a half marathon she had enrolled for on the Sunday.  As life would have it though she developed an injury and the physio said her hip wasn't good enough for her to run on.  Shame that, especially with it being the Speed Trials down on Brighton Seafront that Saturday!

Thankfully the hotel (a Hilton no less!) accepted dogs and so we all loaded into the Mighty Benz and set sail for Brighton early on Saturday morning.  And yes, the dog is the wrong side of the dog guard.

We reached Brighton, found a NCP car park, and voiced numerous expletives at the price for four hours parking.  £18.  Yes, EIGHTEEN pounds!  Still, we figured four hours would be enough and we were 'on holiday' after all.

Brighton was awash with awesome cars and bikes and there was a great atmosphere about the place.  I was especially excited to see a Ducati Demosedici RR.

It would appear this guy has more confidence in his front end than Valentino too!

As we had Harry with us we couldn't go down the pit lane and so opted to walk along the road above to watch the action.  It was a great viewpoint with the piers as a lovely backdrop.

Lunch break was approaching and so we agreed to watch the racing till lunch and then go in search of food.  Alfie was strapped to Tash's back and he was loving it!

There were all manner of cars and bikes being tested over the quarter mile and it was great to see such a variety on display.

With the mornings racing done we took a stroll back down the seafront towards a cool little Hot Dog place we'd seen on the way up.  A drink and a meaty sausage in the sunshine, what could be better!?

Fed and watered Alfie and I toddled down to the waters edge to throw stones (at other children).

Once he had successfully caused a good proportion of bathers to suffer blood loss we all made our way back to the car and then onto the hotel.

Tash and the kids had a swim in the pool, we all grabbed some food and then the entertainment that was bedtime began.  Two adults, two kids and a dog fitting into one double and one single bed.

I'm guessing no-ones gonna be surprised that it ended up a bit like this.

On Sunday we went to the Brooklands museum as it was literally 2 miles from the hotel.  We got there early, we had been up since 5am.

I've wanted to go to Brooklands for years.  Its one of those places that was pivotal in the the development of motorsport during its early years, and Malcolm Campbell had his famous "Q Shed" within Brooklands' premises.

Brooklands is also home to John Cobb's awesome Napier Railton.

Alfie and I even managed to get up on the famous banked track where those mighty leviathons would have once raced.

As well as automotive there is loads of aero stuff at Brooklands.  A large section is devoted to Concorde, and their collection includes one of the original test planes, the simulator used to train pilots, and even sections of the fatigue test airframe!

We opted to board a post-war RAF bomber training plane instead though.  I absolutely loved it, and the volunteer on board was so clued up on what he was talking about as he guided us through the craft.

Everywhere you look at Brooklands it seems that theres some treasure hidden under a tarp.

Or left nestled under some listing tree or other.

We found ourself round by the Bus museum which was also fantastic.  A bus chassis with no body on it looks bloody enormous!  Alfie thought the buses were especially great!

There was even one from closer to home!

With the Bus museum visited all that was left was for us to negotiate the souvenir shop.  Alfie spent many many minutes trying to decide over a plane, car or bus.  He chose plane.

And with that we renegotiated the London Orbital and were home in time for dinner.  Quite simply an amazing weekend.

All my photos from the weekend can be found here.

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