Thursday, September 20, 2012

Montag Nacht = Nino Nacht


I'm aiming to spend every Monday (where possible) out in the barn/shack working on Nino. Hopefully that, plus available weekends, will see the racecar out on the strip next year. Only money can hold us back ...

Monday's a good night for this kinda thing.  If I've had a good weekend spannering then everything is still fresh, and there's always footy on the radio to keep me entertained. And so on Monday it began, and whilst Newcastle and Everton played out a 2-2 draw I inspected and cleaned up the old windows.

I had it in my head that they were all knackered and would need replacing, but they cleaned up nicely and as it turns out only one or two have serious cracks in them.  You can see what I mean!

I'm hoping to get the chassis blasted real soon and then my Mondays can be spent in the shack building the car back up.


James said...

Give us a call when it needs to come back out of the barn, seen it in, would like to see it out! Any ideas on motive force yet?

Keefy said...

Consider yourself 'roped in' for dropping the body back over the chassis duties! lol