Sunday, September 02, 2012

El Nino Undercover

After weeks away from the house (largely due to the Gathering, which I still need to blog about!) we had set aside this weekend (01/02 Sept) to catch up with things around FTC.

I had had 4 roof sheet leant up against the racecar shack for a number of weeks now, and I was especially keen to get them in place so I could start to think about actually rebuilding El Nino.

Knowing I needed to leave some room for the fig tree I only intended to stick 3 of the 4 in place.  They went up nice and quickly, which for the first time presented me with a usable space that offered protection from the elements for the racecar.

With the shacks roof in place it was time to raise the bus roof off the top of the chassis.  A combination of ratchet straps and blue poly rope soon had the roof nestled into the joists of the car port.

This uncovered the collection of logs, hardcore and general tat that had gathered under and around the chassis.

That was how it looked yesterday.  We had Fred and Lyd visiting today and so I wanted to get an early start.  I visited Bryn last week who kindly donated a huge banner to me.  Its a real fine mesh that keeps wind and rain (and prying eyes) out, but lets a nice amount of light through.  I am really pleased with how it works, I'm even kinda looking forward to it raining to see how much extra protection it offers.

With that sorted I set about cleaning up the general area.  The remainder of last years wood supply was taken to the log store, kindling was chopped and sorted, and then I set about clearing the area nearest the path.  Not bad for a few hours work.

I have enquired about a price for having the chassis blasted and primered.  If I get a good price and it goes away for blasting I am VERY tempted to have a concrete base laid whilst I have the space free!  Have to wait and see on that one though, in the meantime I need to finish clearing the area around it.

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