Monday, September 10, 2012

August @ FTC - RRG12

As I mentioned previously, the eighth month of every year is focused entirely around the Gathering.  Nothing else happens, my world comes to a complete standstill for the three weeks leading to the show. 

Even when, like this year, I'm fairly ahead of myself I still seem to find numerous other jobs which can be done with the aim of improving and growing the show.

I never get time to photograph as I'm always way too busy tearing about on the singlespeed 'fighting fires' but thankfully there are others that do.

David and I are pretty pleased with 'our little event' now though and we get a nice spread of coverage across the various media streams.  So get clicking to read reviews on Dep-O, Speedhunters Pt1, Speedhunters Pt2, Fast Car Pt1, Fast Car Pt2.

If its just the pictures you want then work your way through these galleries from some of the guys on the Retro Rides forum. Karate Dan Reverend Pixel Chris Frosin Connor Williams

Want more?  Just Google Retro Rides Gathering 2012, there's loads out there!  And keep your eyes open for the mags because the show reports should be hitting the shelves mighty soon!

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