Sunday, September 16, 2012

Whats Small and Fast and Painted All Over?

Alfie had his first day at pre-school this week.  No dramas, and as expected with that one he ran off to play and make new friends as soon as he set foot inside the building.  I could probably have snuck out and he wouldn't have cared but that's not the way I do things with Alfie.  After about 10 minutes I managed to get him back, explained Esme was tired and I was taking her home, but that we would be back later.  I didn't even get a kiss goodbye!

According to the staff, and indicated to me by the fact his hair returned somewhat multicoloured, he had an absolute ball.  "He's quite a character isn't he!?" were the words offered to me as I collected him after 6 hours of 'school'.  And did he want to come home?  "No, NO WAY!" was bellowed towards me as a little pair of legs made like a blur in the opposite direction.

I'm not sure if they found him tiring but he sure found them tiring!  I managed to get him out of the car still sleeping and let him lay on the sofa.  I wondered what Essie would do at the sight of her brother in the land of nod next to her.  She choose to play with all his toys right under his nose!

And then, which had me in absolute stitches, she investigated why her brother wasn't giving her attention for playing with said toys!

I didn't really have time to miss him - there's too much to do and six hours goes SO fast - but bloody hell the house was quiet!

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Justine said...

Great videos, he really was out cold bless him :)