Sunday, February 03, 2013

Make Some Noise - ARENACROSS!!

Last night we went to the Arenacross at the NEC with Claire and Jody.  Massive thanks to those guys for the tickets, and to my Dad for doing a late night babysitting!

Twas awesome.  I was super impressed with how close we were to the action, and it was a real evening of non-stop action.  With so many riders on a tight track there was racing all over the track.  I love the photo of Tash and Claire, clearly Tash was following a different rider to the rest of the entire stand!

As well as the pro riders, the younger feeder classes were also racing.  Its incredible what such young kids can do!  

The freestyle stuff was equally impressive, and included a 15 year old Spanish kid pulling massive backflips and other tricks.  It went to his head a touch though as when he tried to ride off with the 'Monster' brolly dolly he dropped it!


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