Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

In our own wonderful non-comformist and non-consumerist way  Valentines Day was lovely.  I cooked Tash a meal she'd been asking for for ages and she bought me Oreos! 

Me and the kids took a pitstop when collecting Tash from work today and did a spot of train spotting. 

On the note of Alfie's school days, and collecting Tash from work, we had the funniest trip home on Tuesday.  In the low light of 5pm Alfie chose to do a spot of bin spotting.  Looking out for, and calling out to, the black and the orange bins. Except the orange bins were brown.  But he would not be corrected.  The conversation/debate/arguement between him and Tash had me in stitches!   He'd had a good day at school though and collected another certificate for his good behaviour.

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