Monday, February 18, 2013

Pretty Pictures

In recent weeks Instagram has tried its damn hardest to consume my life.  I signed up to apply a few filters to photos for the blog and next thing I know I'm losing serious time to it.

It has that same horrid effect that wikipedia can have, in that once you start looking you effectively board some techy based research train and the destination is completely unknown.

As a result I've found a load of tattoo artists who I'd never heard of before, many who have really opened my eyes and inspired me with some phenomenal work.

One such chap is Javier Rodriguez.  He has a real unique traditional old school style which I love.  It turned out he was working the Brighton convention on the weekend but as much as we tried to juggle time and money we couldn't line things up to get down there.  I WILL be collecting a tattoo from him in the future though.

With tattoo stuff consuming a large part of my mind recently I've quite fancied doing a bit of drawing.  Nothing serious,  cos quite honestly I am shit, just for a bit of fun.  Years ago Tash bought me a book to teach you how to draw but checking all the usual places unearthed nothing.  Until on Saturday, when I stumbled across it in the barn just a few hours after we had been to the book shop and asked them to order it in!

Right, I'm off to sharpen my pencils!

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