Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Forgot to blog yesterday.  Must have been 'cos of all the fun!

A glorious sunny day of 8 degrees, and a freezing forecast for the rest of the week, meant we spent the whole afternoon hooning about on Alfie's bike and playing at the park.

En route I commented 'its a sunny day hey Alfie?' To which he replied 'no, moon day'.  Check the photo, you can see what he was thinking!

I also learnt Essie loves swings as much as Alfie does.

And after Alfie went tearing off after another family on a bike ride he returned to me shouting "Keith, Keith, I want pedals, I want pedals'.  Looks like he might 'outgrow' his balance bike before I even have chance to raise the seat!

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