Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NZ - This Is Why

I'm sure there are many who wonder why we want to up sticks and disappear to the other end of the world. 

I'm sticking this here just to remind myself of the sort of thing we're chasing, buts its an ideal example of what we want from NZ for those of you who might wonder why.  Tash found it a week or so ago and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since! 

It won't happen the moment we step off the plane, but it's what we'll be working towards.  Ideally we'll build our house - ideally around a straw bale design - and have sufficient land to live off of.  Who knows if we can be entirely self sufficient, but at worst I'd like for us not to rely on a full time job to pay the bills.  With a good plot of land there is always the possibility of running a B&B alongside the house too.  We'll have an outbuilding to visiting guests anyway, it might make sense to make it pay when it isn't being occupied by friends or family.

Full details of the property are here if you want to read more or see the other 17 photos.  It's as beautiful inside as it as out!

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