Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Last Call For Batsford

So yesterday we flew out to Gib.  Breakfast with Tash at the airport, plus a queue at security, meant we got to the departure lounge to the sounds of my name being called out over the tannoy.

As per the forecast, the weather was very dodgy as we made our approach but after an aborted first attempt to land the pilot set the bird down to rapturous applause from a section towards the rear of the plane!  I too was overjoyed, had he aborted again and we would have been landing in Jerez and I had a daughter who had already diaplayed her anger with a mass meltdown once - the last thing I needed was to add about another 10 hours to our day!

Once out of the airport everything was super wet.  Fred and I took Alfie for a walk and whilst Esme had a nap, and he tested out the local hot chocolate.

Today was a mixed bag of bright and wet spells.  Fred, Ammie and I took the kids round to Catalan Bay and we had a perfect time building sand castles and getting chased by waves.

After getting back to meet Michi for some lunch I took the kids to the newly rebuilt play area at the Botanical Gardens.  It is fantastic, the perfect place to keep them both entertained whilst worn out grandparents and Aunties have a siesta!

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