Friday, March 01, 2013

Tattoo Rapido Healio - Day Four (my birthday!)

Not exactly rested my foot, but its pretty comfortable to walk on now.  Had it wrapped up most of the day as I was out and about.

With only a few hours to myself cos Alfie was at school and the sun shining I kinda chased something to do.  I shouldn't have.  Ended up with Essie at Toys R Us.  This is disaster.  Her idea of fun is run off, bring something too you and whilst you comment on what she has brought she runs back and empties the shelf.  As you laugh and pick up the toys you lift your head to find she has disappeared,  only to be found by following the growling which is going down towards her next victim!

We hit Cafe Rouge for lunch and played the cutest hide and seek though.

And before collecting Alfie I got my present from Dawn, Lego Monster Fighters!!

We collected Tash and hit Pizza Express and had the most lovely meal.  Alfie was on top form, and to round off the day his final words before laying his head down was 'Happy Birthday Daddy'.

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